Meet An Egg Farmer

Southview Farms

Meet The Clarke Family
Name: Jeff and Kelly Clarke and children; Nicholas, Sophia and Thomas
Farm: Southview Farms Limited
Location: Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
Farming since: 1900's, 5th Generation
Other: Pullet grower, crops and feed

What do you enjoy most about being an egg farmer?

I am happy to say I am the 5th generation on our family farm, following in my Dad's footsteps. I enjoy the experience of caring for our flocks, right from the beginning of day old chicks and sharing this knowledge and experience with my children. I am proud to be an egg farmer which allows me to provide a good quality of life for my family.

Ask a farmer: Ann from West Lahave asks...
What causes double-yolk eggs?

A hen will sometimes produce double-yolk eggs at the very beginning or near the end of her reproductive life due to hormonal changes. When this happens, the shell forms around two yolks instead of one, causing a double yolk egg. Our children find it exciting to discover a double yolk egg!

Favourite Egg recipe?

Devilled Eggs